VRF Air Conditioner

ALBARD VRF is a powerful system for your next HVAC project if you are looking for cost effective solutions.
Full DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioner R410A 25.2 kW~357 kW
Condensing Unit Cooling Capacity: 25.2KW-357KW
Indoor Unit Type : Ceiling Concealed Ducted Type, High ESP Ducted Type , Fresh Air Duct Type , 4 Way Cassette type,1 Way Cassette type,2 Way Cassette, Ceiling/standing type.
Indoor Unit Cooling Capacity :1HP~32HP

We offer one stop solution includes VRF drawing design, model selection, installation material calculation, startup guidance etc.


3 Unique Innovations
● Energy Management System (EMS)
● Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) Compressor
● Triple Configurations
High Efficiency
● Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) Subcooling
● High Efficiency G-Type Heat Exchanger
● Super big size fan
Wide Capacity Range
● 8-96 Hp
Wide Operation Range
● -25-48℃
Long Piping Capability
● Total piping length: 1000m
● Longest piping length – actual (equivalent): 175m
● Longest piping length after first branch: 40/90m
● Level difference between IDUs and ODU – ODU above (below): 90m (110m)
● Level difference between IDUs: 30m
High Reliability
● Duty Cycling
● Precise Oil Control Technology
● Backup Operation
● UL Anti-Corrosion Certificate, 27years
● Refrigerant Cooling PCB
● Real-time Refrigerant Amount Monitoring
● Auto Snow-blowing Function
● Dust-clean function
● Night Silent Mode
● Enhanced Heating Capacity
● Intelligent Defrosting Technology
● Auto Addressing
● Automatic Refrigerant Charging/Recycling Function
● Optional Multifunctional PCB

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