Package Air Conditioner

Albard Rooftop Package AC R410A 380-415V 3PH 50HZ Cooling Only


• Wide product range, from 58,000Btu/h to 332,000Btu/h.
• Highly reliable scroll compressor suited to extreme conditions.
• Factory-completed unit and pre-drilled duct flange for easy installation.
• Anti-corrosion treatment can be customized.
• High-temperature operation – Cooling: from 10°C (50°F) to 52°C (125.6°F).
• The filter can be customized as standard.
• Multi-protection design: system current protection, high and low-pressure switch, discharge temperature & anti-freeze protection.
• Centralized controller + Interface as optional.
• Wired controller with Wi-Fi can achieve function through mobile APP.

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Weather resistant steel cabinet qualified for1000 Hours of Salt Spray test Disposable Filter Double skin type Evaporator Section Condenser & Evaporator Coils are with Copper Tubes and Aluminum fins.IP55 Class F Blower Motor for 15 TR and AboveIP55 Class F Condenser Motor for 18 TR and Above Power controller, Under Over Voltage & Phase loss Protection Internal Motor Protection for Indoor and Outdoor Compressor Protection against High Discharge Temperature Electro-Mechanical Controls Certified Cooling Coil.

Stay Cool and Comfortable with our Package Air Conditioners

Regarding cooling your space, our Package Air Conditioners offer the perfect solution. They are an all-in-one unit that combines the compressor, condenser, and evaporator into a single package. This makes them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. With their advanced features and customizable options, package air conditioners are perfect for anyone looking to stay cool and comfortable.

Package air conditioners provide efficient cooling, ensuring your space remains cool and cosy even during the hottest months. They use advanced technologies such as inverter technology and variable speed motors to consume less energy while providing maximum cooling efficiency. 

Discover the Benefits of Package Air Conditioners for Your Home or Business

They are available in various sizes, ensuring you can find the perfect one to suit your space. They also have various features such as programmable thermostats, advanced air filtration systems, and remote control operation. This ensures you get the ultimate cooling comfort while ensuring your indoor air quality is healthy and clean. They are perfect for cooling your living spaces, bedrooms, and commercial spaces such as offices and shops. They can be used as the primary cooling system or as a supplement to your existing cooling system. Package air conditioners are the perfect solution for staying cool and comfortable in their home or business. 

If you are looking for an easy installation of package air conditioners for your space, then Albard is your go-to destination. Our package ACs are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Cool off this summer without any inconvenience using our best-quality packaged ACs.



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